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While you're in Asia....

Well I want to wish kenkomachi and angmo safe journeys to the far east. angmo will be spending the summer over in Cambodia (his dad is over there) before going to grad school in San Diego. Definitely planning a visit....I mean they must get a ton of sun when a bad day is fog in the morning. kenkomachi is going to Japan for a couple weeks as a reprieve before the real world hits...damnit stupid real world:p She's in the air as I write this and I hope for a safe and fun journey for her:0) Oh and hopefully better weather then here...

Speaking of weather... Am I in Seattle or something? Did the weather forget where Seattle and England are? I think so because it rains daily....and its JUNE already! JUNE! Think we'll get a summer before August? Not that I'll miss the 100 degree 100% humidity days...as I'm sure in the city it will make it 9487934875438943 times worse. Again I digress...

Things have been the usual around here. I'm getting ready for the move and all of my attention has been New York New York New York! I just hope everything works out as I hope for it to. I feel good. However, it's this whole new place thing again. I mean I'm moving there with no friends or family or anything. I'm starting all over again....and yes I know this is a good thing. It's just scary....and probably some anxiety I have built up.

Packing has been going well. I've packed up most of the stuff in the garage and really have the basics (clothes and toiletries) to pack up I think. Oh and I need to pick up a few things at IKEA.

Going to the Phillies game tonight as long as the rain quits. That could be a huge question mark.

Dear Mother nature,
Send some nice weather! I have not seen nice weather for an extended time since LAST SEPTEMBER:-(
Much appreciated,

Not much else to report on this end.

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