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Just a quick entry...

A few things from tonight...

I actually watched the local news and theiy had a segment on tailgating at concerts by underaged teens. Is this really a news flash? Unbelievable that they think this will come as a shock...that and kids do drugs. NO WAY! They couldn't believe kids between 18-20 were drinking.

On the sports front...another craptistic night for the Phillies. 4-2 lead going into the ninth and Jose "I can't pitch for my life" Mesa blows the game by giving up a 3 run homerun. Man he sucks. If anyone screwed up in their job as much as he does at being a closer, they'd be fired a long time ago....not making whatever he is for sucking. Angers me...
So bottom of the ninth Phillies have a runner on first and Jason Michaels hits one down the line...some idiotic fan decides to touch the ball negating the run. The "fan" was boo'd and ejected....I think he should go sit by Mesa and they can sulk together on how they blew the game. MESA SUCKS. Get him out. So it's still 5-4 Mariners. Bases are loaded when Thome comes up. He strikes out. Then Abreu flies out. Phillies lose. Why do I ever think that there is a possibility of a Philadelphia team being good?

Which brings me to this article
I found it entertaining and you will too if you know anything about Philly fans.

Oh well...New York City on Saturday. Maybe it won't rain this weekend? hahahaha I know...like that will happen....I think this would be the ninth straight weekend of rain....

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