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Does the insanity end?

So things have been moving along quickly over the past few days. Saturday was move in day. Naturally it was downpours of rain. That made it all the more fun to take my stuff across the street to take into the apartment building. I've also noticed that the stereotype about NY drivers is true...heh. We'd be holding lots of stuff and no one would let us cross. Although the best was watching cars getting in and out of parking spots. Note: If you ever choose to bring a car into NYC, probably good to have a not so nice one. I watched a car bang the one in back and in front of it to get out. It was a squishy fit. The only car that was able to get back into the spot was a little dodge colt. Anyway, took a few hours but I got everything into the apartment. Pretty much put together the bureau and started to organize. I've learned that my dad is really not good at hardware/tools stuff....trust me on this one:p By then it was getting late and my mom/cousins were back from the show. We ended up catching a bite to eat at the Mexican place....fajitas were excellent:) Finally it was time to head home...long long day. Couldn't stay at the apartment with no curtains:p

Sunday was shop till you drop day. I went with my mom and cousins all over to start filling in the gaps. I got most of the stuff for my apartment but a few things I didn't (either wasn't sure if there'd be room or just forgot). Got some stuff and by 5pm I was ready to faint/colllapse. Nothing else terribly exciting.

Monday it was back to NYC to continue the unpacking process. Tim was nice enough to take the trip with me to help put up my curtains and put together the tv stand. Yay! Thanks Tim! We got there around noon and immediately started. He had the curtains up within an hour and STRAIGHT. Definitely a good thing that he did it, not my family:p It's really nothing personal. I ended up investigating the area a little more...found a park by the river and a cute little diner. The sun actually was out and 80 degree weather:-D That night met Dave for dinner (he's interning for the summer) down in the village...however I didn't realize he didn't know where he was going! I thought he knew where to eat but nope...the typical boy thing.... We ended up walking a lot just trying to find something. hehe. After dinner we headed to midtown to ESPN Zone for the hockey game 7, We had fun but my feet felt like they were going to fall off. If anyone finds feet in NYC let me know...they may be mine:P Tim and I took the train home and got in around 1am. Typical 7am-1am day:p

Looks like another trip tomorrow but this time I'll stay till sunday probably....who knows. I'm kind of taking each day as it comes. I guess we'll see.... Soon I'll be able to just stay at least...as work starts soon.

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