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And with that...I'm a New Yorker

So yo from New York. I've moved into the apartment and now I'm back to live in my new place. I came up on Thursday to finish unpacking and start to get a feel for the 'hood. I'm very proud of myself for this: I got from Penn Station to my apartment via subway! GO ME! wooohoo! Once I get here there's lots of unpacking and straightening up to do. I really want to get it done before starting work...cause I know what's going to happen...I'll have ZERO time...and come home cranky and tired. That's a warning right now. I know it's coming so at least I admit it:p Anyway, met up with Dave for dinner...went to a new place and it was pretty good. Got some chicken pot pie. yummmm. The rest of the night consisted getting the cable modem running and assorted tasks like that. Can't use my hub since there's only one ip...stupid manhattan with millions of people..not enough IPs to go around evidently. The first night of sleep was kinda sucky....woke up 3 or 4 times because its a weird setting. For whatever reason I can't sleep in new places. I better get used to it though...this is home.

Today was blah day. More unpacking and general randomness. I cooked my first dinner in the apartment: whole wheat pasta with a black and white cookie for dessert:-D I love those cookies...better keep them away from me. Oh another thing....the water pressure rocks here. Reminds me of the dorms back in the day (wow did I just say that). And similar to because I don't pay for water here...of course they take everything else from you but I get free water:p The weekend brings finishing up some tasks around the apartment and then general whatever I want to do stuff... I'm really glad I took some time off after graduating...makes this whole new place a bit easier to handle...

Well that's all....my first entry from the big apple...the city that never sleeps...ok yeah enough:p

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