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Rain, rain go away....come back another day!

So here I am....home instead of at the Phillies game. All because it continues to rain on the weekends. I'm sorry but I'm very bitter about this now...it's enough! Rest of the weekend: RAIN...argh. Not to worry....90+ temps on the way starting Monday and SUNNY. Oh well. It's the way it goes...we better get a year straight of San Diego style weather!

So lets see....I enjoyed my last week of unemployment. Hopefully for a long long time:p It was pretty relaxing...waking up at 10am daily to watch ER reruns on TNT...heh. Reminded me of the days in college...right Amy;-) Pretty much tried to get everything done before the real world hits Monday. I felt like such a bum....especially with my roommate up and going all day. However, the good news is I think the roommate thing is going to work. She's pretty cool from what I know of her so far.

Let's see....Broadway Under the Stars. Good stuff. How many places can you go to and have free Broadway entertainment. Only the great city of New York! Jewel even showed up to sing a few songs. However, I must say her style sucks now. She looks like a slut and wears enough makeup for 3 people. Overall fun evening. It was the kickoff of summer events in Bryant Park....well that is if we get summer. Who knows....

Wednesday was my roommate's birthday. She's 23 now....makes me feel better/.....finally not being the oldest amongst the crowd:p See everyone...I'm not old! hehe. It was cool to meet some of her friends and hang out a bit. Yeah that was the excitement for the week.

Went home Thursday to go to the Phillies game (well supposed to). The game ended up being postponed due to this crap weather. I don't want to hear the word DROUGHT again! Ended up watching Old School with my dad. It was "eh." One of those movies where you think it will be really funny but doesn't live up to the billing. Going to my old Blockbuster definitely brought back memories. However, it was weird not knowing anyone working there anymore. Made me feel old. Also I didn't know all the "sleeper" movies...you know the ones that are really good but not everyone knows about. Oh well.

Harry Potter book comes out starting at midnight! Yay. My roommate got the book so hopefully she'll let me read it after she's done:-D Watching the news now and there's harry potter mania. So cute. My mom wants to buy the book now:-D

Work starts Monday. I'm sure I'll have a report about that because everyone wants to know. Well maybe not. Too bad.

If you made it here, then you read this. Interested in being cool and having an LJ too? Let me know.

Stay dry everyone....either that or build an ark.

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