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One day down....

So here I am.....a member of the working world. Yes you did hear that right! I started my first full time job today in NYC. So that's what this entry is about. If you don't want to hear about it...well may as well not read the rest;-)

Last night I got in from that place my parents live at (what do I call that now) around 9pm. I was pretty tired already which I saw as a good omen. I knew sleeping was going to be tough since I was all anxious/nervous/excited all at the same time. Went to bed around 11:30 since I was getting up around quarter of 7. Sleep didn't happen much last night...i slept like crap. I was tired yet not. It was well...crappy. My body was like "yo brain go to bed"...and my brain said "no I'm excited so I will keep you awake." Damn brain won too! Ended up getting sleepy and falling asleep for 45 mins only to be awoken by the lovely sound of the alarm clock. yippee.

Made it out by 7:45am to head to the train. My mom of course calls as I'm walking in uncomfortable shoes (WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT) to wish me goodluck. I got up to Grand Central by 8:10am so I had a few mins to kill...got a coffee then headed up to work. Someone was supposed to meet me to let me in the doors on the 10th floor (need swipe card). So I stood out there looking lost and confused and dumb...before someone finally walked by and wondered what I was doing:p When I went in, I was introduced to another guy starting....but he was a transfer from another office. Let me tell you about this guy...mullet, from South Carolina, heavy accent, smokes...but he was super nice. He's the new security guy. I ended up going through all the orientation stuff with him...better than doing it myself. By the end of the day I was getting all spacey and stuff. Anyway, the morning was spent meeting a zillion people of which I remember maybe one person's name:/ I took the grand tour....heh its funny because you definitely can tell its a lot of engineers. Lots of stuff everywhere.....drawings...etc. Saw the mail room and such. Took care of all the paperwork and then some. Lunch time was nice. I got a free lunch:-D Tis' was tasty:) Got my new email addy at work. Afternoon was more orientation stuff...including a brief intro to autocad. Oh man am I going to have a beast of a program to learn! They also were kind enough to help me figure out the switch problem. So now both my roomie and I can access the Internet at the same time! Whoo!

Overall comments: I feel like I will like it here. Everyone seems to be open and willing to help if you need help. See this is where group work comes in handy...haha GO IST! It seems I will get a good variety of projects to work on and learn more than I would probably in many other places. I never thought I'd go towards the Telecom/Engineering side of IT but here I am!

I'm tired so that is all. Goodnight for day 2 is coming shortly.

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