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Bridges Runner

One week down

One week down

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Well I've completed the first week....yay. All in all...pretty successful I think:-D I wrote a peer review report and a proposal for a potential job in four days. Not bad. I can't really put what they were for because well...gotta be careful these days:P Anyway, getting to work is super duper easy. I love that. It takes me approximately 20 minutes to get from my apartment to my office desk....now that's what I call a swift commute! And probably as I finally time it perfectly for 8:30am arrival...we'll go to summer hours and I have to do it for 8am. heh. But hey its worth it for summer hours...half day Fridays:-D I've figured out the subway thing. Let everyone rush onto the train and then wait for the second one which is usually right behind. It's usually a lot less crowded. Although I do not enjoy the really hot and humid days....it ends up with a lot of smelly people on the subway:( Let's see...the usual male/female ratio....it really doesn't faze me anymore. It was kind of funny because they were apologizing over lunch for their behavior at some points...and I just laughed. Explanation no further than the Rescom ratio of 70 guys to 4 girls. heh. Oh well. I guess work is going well so far. Days go by fast and it's one continous learning process. I like the fact that I'm getting involved with projects right away instead of being left out.

Other news:

  • The RIAA is dumb. Not that this is a news flash. Apparently they have resorted to the desparate approach of suing people that download music. Anyone else find this really ridiculous and out of touch? I understand their displeasure with people taking a lot of music but at the same time is suing people really going to solve the problem? I mean I would think this only alienates people even further. I just don't understand why they haven't tried to market the Internet instead of repelling it. Someone in the marketing department is clueless... I mean even Apple Computers has started to try and play on the Internet thing by offering songs for a certain amount and letting the user keep them. Eventually something like that has to be firgured out but until then the RIAA will continue to lose a lot of money. Should be interesting to watch out for....

  • Strom Thurmond died. This is the 100 year old guy that was senator for a period longer than a lot of people live. I dunno but I think that puts someone a bit out of touch with constituents when they are 100 and still voting in their views. I also have a problem with how they hail him as this great person when he was against desegregation and only changed because of everyone else. In mind he's just another politician....

  • Phillies are in second place. 6.5 games back. Watch out they're coming! Maybe Burrell will remember to hit?

  • I can't wait to read Harry Potter! DO NOT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS BECAUSE I HAVE NOT READ IT!!! I'll probably read it in a few weeks....my grandpop bought the book and my mom is going to bring it back from FL. She's coming up July 9th for a show and to visit me:-D

Well that's all for now.
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