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As the subject indicates....I'm very ready to GO. But that's not for 4 more hours...grr. The office is thinning out and I'm sure after "announcements" at 3 it will get worse. Some of us are reading this from the comfort of home...like those that work for the govt;) At least I get paid a lot of money to be here for a day:)

This year I will not ruin the fireworks. This is it. Me and the fireworks are going to be friends from now on. But this way if I'm in DC, I won't ruin NYC's and get in big trouble:p I'm excited though and I'm hoping it is as fun as I think it will be:-D DC is supposed to have spectacular fireworks..which makes sense since you have quite the backdrop!

Happy 4th everyone! Anyone out there in LJ land doing anything exciting for the 4th?
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