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Bridges Runner



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That's right! I saw fireworks ON JULY 4th!!! Good times were had in DC:0) Don't really have time to update with stories and stuff now since I'm working and only have 45 mins of lunch break over the summer. However, here's some stuff to look forward to:

  • The great hunt for french fries at the National Mall on July 4th

  • Amy's house of randomness and such

  • July 5th fireworks really cause headaches and problems

  • Never say no to free food

One last thing: Is anyone going to PSU for Arts Fest next weekend? I may be going since I have a ride but I want to make sure others are going as well:)
  • Oooooo... Arts fest!

    When precisely is arts fest? I haven't been there in forever and it might be nice to go. But yes, I'm interested. :)
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