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Fourth of July....DC style

So this was my first Fourth of July traveling like half of the country. Went home thursday night right after work so I could leave with Ariel bright 'n early on the 4th. Well bright 'n early as in 9am for Ariel (yes I am very proud of you for being on time and awake at that hour:-)). Ended up doing a few things and by the time we were actually on our way to DC it was 10am...on our way=highway. We got down to DC in about 3 hours...maybe a little less. Really didn't hit much traffic which was awesome. Amy and Brian met me at Foggy Bottom metro stop at which point I transferred my junk into amy's van so her dad could take it home. Since we were right by Georgetown it was time for a stop at Old Glory for RIBS!! It was really FREAKING HOT down there so my appetite wasn't very strong. Not that it has for the past whatever..... Lunch was good and filling. I did a good job not eating too much since it was too hot to feel that full. We ended up running around georgetown for a bit basically running from air conditioned store to the next. Around 6 or so we headed to the Mall to grab a plot of grass for the fireworks. Here's where the first story comes into play...

I along with Brian head out on the great hunt for AMERICAN food. You know the 4th of July type stuff...carnival...aka French Fries (or Freedom Fries depending on who you talk to). We figure how hard can this be....a) it's the 4th of July b) we were in Washington DC....on the Mall no less c) its just FRENCH FRIES!!! Well, my friends, how wrong I was! We walked basically from the monument to the Capitol...a good hour and 15 mins later...we came back with hot dogs (kosher!!). This after waiting in line for a helluva long time with an asian guy named "Moses" trying to convert us as he explained his born again Christian status. yeaaaaaaaaah. Usually my "I'm Jewish" sentence ends the discussion but...no. I guess it passed the time. We ended up just making it in time back for the fireworks.

I SAW FIREWORKS! Yes its true and it was July 4th. Woohoo! Didn't hear music and had screaming kids next to me but one thing at a time..,.I SAW FIREWORKS:p Next year I'll work on getting music synchronized with the fireworks:-D

Getting back to Amy's was an adventure. Everyone leaving at the same time creates a massive rush. There were soooooo many people that they stopped people from going into the subways because of the massive quantities. One thing I noticed is the difference between the subways in DC and NYC. In DC their stations are air conditioned...how nice that was. I also noticed how nice the stations seemed to look...I mean of course Grand Central looks decent but DC has its own flavor. They also don't have flat fare down there....I was not used to that and had to keep digging for my card at the end of the trips:p So we get to Amys stop and wait for her dad to pick us up. In the process I got 6 mosquito bites....it was ridiculous. I still am scratching them like crazy:(

There's more but I'm tired. More to come.

Saw Jennifer Garner tonight being taped for a tv movie called 13 going on 30.


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