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New Yorkers can be nice:-D

Friday morning as I was getting my bag and getting ready to head to work I realized I couldnt' find my work ID and subway pass. I looked briefly around the room but couldn't find it and just went to work and paid the fare...figuring I'll just find it under my bed or something later. I always put my subway card in my corp id sleeve...and into the back pocket of my coach bag. So Friday afternoon I came home and pretty much turned over everything and anything hoping to find these things.... Definitely not a good impression to lose a work ID in the first three weeks of work...I mean it is replaceable . Friday night I continued looking and finally gave up thinking its gone for good. You know how you come to that realization and low of "oh well shit happens". We've all been there. This morning I wake up and transfer some money into checking so I can buy a new subway card (monthly pass) and just move along. Well as I'm going out of the building with one of my neighbors I notice a little sticky note on the door...reading: FOUND METRO CARD + CORP ID CARD. If lost, call (insert number here) to identify and pick up. I couldn't believe it....wow. I call the number and sure enough it is my id and subway card!! I still am in shock. See New Yorkers are nice....its everyone else that gives them a bad name. Plus come on...I'm a nice person....even now with a New York status;-)

Moral of the story: Learned my lesson and am going to hold onto these cards with great care...perhaps like many do with adult beverages at college;0)

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