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This and that

I don't think I finished about my trip to DC...which was two weeks ago?

Really the highlight of Saturday was going to dinner...
Brian picked Amy and I up to go to Olive Garden...since we thought it would be a good place to go. Amy said there was one in a small town called Laurel which was about 20 mins? away from her house. So Brian drove....we are driving down one of the streets and then it says there is a detour. We were very confused on why but just take the detour. We then see people sitting outside waiting for something. Apparently Laurel has July 5th fireworks. I don't get iteither. It must be for all the people that are cursed and cannot see 4th of July fireworks. So we drive around trying to find the Olive Garden...then brian gets the "brilliant" idea to drive into the mall shopping center where every resident of Laurel is seated and waiting for fireworks. In the process, we saw every ice cream truck that is in Maryland int he one parking lot. I don't think I have seen so many ice cream trucks in my life! As a matter of fact one of them almost hit us...fortunately it was an almost. Once we FINALLY made it out of the parking lot I asked to stop at Best Buy so I could spend my gift card. Bought dvds. Then it was time for Brian to perform "man's way of driving." For those that are unfamilar...this is just going any which way...and not asking for directions...because apparently this is a manly thing to do. This part of the trip included turning around in gravel which scraped the car....well that's what it sounded like....driving around in circles...etc. Finally Brian decided it would be a good idea to get away from Laurel and its screwy July 5th fireworks. At this point...the fireworks were starting so rather than people driving...they were watching the fireworks. So this was a huge pain in the you know what. Finally we got through the traffic and made it to Bennigans for dinner...two hours after we had left Amy's house:)

Work is going well. I actually kind of enjoy it. Days go really fast....and everyone is super nice. Absolutely no regrets about taking this offer. I feel that anywhere else I wouldn't be happy. Got my first paycheck and that was nice. Taxes being taken out...SUCKS. It's unreal to think how much money the govt takes from everyone yet still manages to waste it all. Oh well...and its funny (not really) how much social security is taken out...aka the money we will never see. But I got money! Yay!

Went to the mets/phillies game at shea last weekend. Shea is a big piece of concrete like the Vet only with grass.

One month till my birthday...everyone send me presents:-D I'll be 21 for the third time;-)

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