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Bridges Runner

Two in one night?

Two in one night?

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You betcha. I'm on a roll. I guess I see this as my release. I never thought I'd actually keep up with a journal but I guess I see it as my way to write everything down whether it be what I did (so i can remember) or just anything that comes to mind. I never was able to keep a paper journal...I guess it just was a huge pain for me. This is so easy...I have access to it everywhere. How long will I keep this? I have no idea...right now I feel it is something I want for a while.

So let's see...
Today felt like a scene from Office Space. The weather sucked a lot. It was so humid and nasty...it wasn't quite raining but it was so humid that I bet its what it feels like in a jungle. sorry for the bad comparisons:p I was so tired today that I could hardly keep my eyes open in the morning...I even took a cold shower to try and wake up...didn't work. Got to work and everyone was sluggish. Just blah and blah...I almost wanted to blurt out "looks like someone has a case of the Mondays." haha. Although I think everyone laughs at how I'm so enthusiastic now...since I'm the new kid on the block. Hey I gotta do it....job=good...job that I actually like=EVEN BETTER! After dealing with govt for 2 years, this is really nice!

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