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It's Friday which means I'm done at 1! Woohoo! Not much to do as the entire senior staff for IT is not in the office. Oh well.

Goo Goo Dolls are going to be at Best Buy up on 86th St. I may try to stop by to see what's going on even though it probably will be entirely too packed;_;

I watched a funny show last night...Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! It's where there is a group of 5 gay guys that makeover a straight guy from his hairstyle to clothes to even apartment! It's pretty funny! Its on NBC at 9:30 on Thursdays I think. It was at least last night:p They did a really great job with the guy last night!

I've been having super weird dreams the past few nights. I'm not sure why this is but its very strange. A couple nights I had a dream about elephants running around town...and that for some reason someone opened the door to let one in. By doing so, the elephant just plopped down and wouldn't budge. It just was extremely strange.

The second weird dream is about my first roommate ever in college. As most of you know, she is not on the top of my invitation list:p However for some reason I was talking to her on the phone. Why would I be talking to someone I have no desire to talk to ever again? It makes no sense!

The plan is to walk home from work today...which probably will be around 4 or so miles. Getting my exercise in:-D

When's everyone coming to visit me at my new apartment????

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