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Anyone up for some pea soup?

Not I! Although mother nature seems to take pleasure in feeding us it for the next week>_< Being in the city makes it worse...yuck! Oh well que sera.

This past weekend was a good one! Friday I headed to Woodbridge, NJ to visit Erin from school. Her friend Joe ended up coming in as well. We went to a local tavern that night for dinner and tried out their brewed beer. We just chilled that night and ended up staying up till 5am. I don't think I've stayed up that late since school!

Saturday we slept in till noonish...even though I was up at 10:30 because of my stupid "work clock." The work clock does not allow me to sleep past a certain time...usually 10-1030. I hate this adult stuff sometimes>_< So after we got up, it was too humid to sit at a beach. So we decided to hang around before heading back up to the city. yeah go figure. So we walk to the station thinking we'll get the 5:53 train. We get there and think the train is coming so one of us was not able to buy a ticket. We get on the train failing to look at which way it was going:p It was 5:53 so what other train would be coming right? Well conductor came by and yep we were heading the wrong way. Nice thing is nobody cared...take it in stride....heh. We got off at the next stop and had to wait another hour for a stupid train to come:p Finally we catch the right train and get to NYC. I figure OK...we'll take the E then transfer to the 6 to get back to my place to drop off our stuff. *note to self: READ the signs on which trains are not in use* E train of course was out of order for the weekend. grrr.. So we coulda done a couple other things but decide to turn around and go out of the station and wlak to grand central since erin had never been there before. Finally we arrive at my apartment 3 1/2 hours after leaving her apartment. How ridiculous:p Everyone was good sports though. We ended up going to a local place to grab a gyro for dinner. Then headed to a local bar around the corner. Ended up getting the name of the bartender and a free round of drinks....which also was the round that I was hoping not to have since the one before I was starting to feel icky>_< After 2 hours they had 7 rounds of drink and me 4. 2 1/2 months removed from college and I have lost any tolerance I had built up...yes it wasn't a lot but still:p

Sunday we woke up and headed to Central Park. It was still disgustingly humid out:( We stopped by FAO Schwartz to be 5 again:-D It was fun but then all the kids got on our nerves:p At which point we were hungry and headed to Republic for dinner. It's a very cool place:-D It's sorta like BIg Bowl Noodle house at State College but a zillion times better:0) The check took forever since our waitress apparently had no clue what she was doing. Since they needed to get back before sundown (had to walk home), we taxi'd it up to Penn Station.

Today was evil>_< I hit the snooze bar too many times so my whole routine was out of wack. Ended up getting up and having to get ready in 35 mins....as in shower and everything! Shouldn't have bothered with the shower as it was raining like it does only in State College:p My umbrella blew inside out and I ended up getting drenched....not a good way to start a Monday:( Got to work and had to use the space heater to dry my skirt! My shoes were wet all day:( It was raining so hard it looked like fog. The only good thing was cheesecake:-) NY Cheesecake is heavenly!

I'm really tired and have nothing else to say now:0)

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