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Found the entry I wrote!

Well no not really. I ended up dealing with a scary incident:( Today started out like any other day. Went to work. Worked on proofreading some drawings. Then lunchtime came. I went with a few other people from work around the corner to a little sandwich place on 42nd street. We got paninis and were getting ready to head back around the corner on 5th ave to go to the library steps to eat lunch. It was a gorgeous day out so why not? As we get closer to 5th ave, we notice a bunch of cops yelling at people to move back and the newspaper stand was shutting down. Wasn't really sure what was going on but it was something big. There were sirens screaming and cops running up and down 5th ave. Lets just say its not normal for midtown to be shutdown...let alone the middle of a work day! One of my coworkers went up to an officer to ask what was up. He found out that apparently some guy was carrying a suitcase handcuffed to his hands and another guy with a shot gun were on the steps of the public library (note: this is DIRECTLY across the street from my work building. We head back towards Madison thinking maybe we can get in the side entrance. No go. They had red tape blocking where our office is and one of the people from the company said it had been evacuated by the cops! And apparently this is not normal either...everyone I talked to said they don't remember being evacuated by cops before. There had been the occasional fire alarm and stuff like that...but not like this...I mean my company didn't head home on 9/11! Everyone was confused and nervous at the same time...kinda on edge. So after a while we find the rest of the IT department and decide to head to O'Caseys (restaurant nearby) to hold our staff meeting since we couldn't go back to work anyway. Keep in mind I still had my panini which I had yet to eat:( So we go to O'Caseys and have our meeting. Good news is my boss bought us lunch:-D I had a grilled chicken salad which was delicious. Found out I'll be working on a new project at St Johns University. So when we finish our meeting we finally are allowed back into the bldg. Never did find out anything about what shut down midtown but it was definitely kinda scary. I hope that's as real as it gets for me;-)

Oh and I got two tickets to the show Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn on Comedy Central:-D My first tv show taping in NYC:)

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