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Bridges Runner

Going under the knife...

Going under the knife...

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Well sorta. Tomorrow morning I'm going to get a mole removed on my neck by the plastic surgeon. Quite a way to spend my first "vacation" day. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Makes things easier than dealign wtih my insurance...which would have been a pain and also not something I'd want to do...dealing with a doctor for the first time and having a procedure done. So it should take no time really and I'll be very happy to have this done:)

This weekend was a good one. Came home Friday and ended up helping my mom make dinner. I also wished Ariel a good trip as she is starting grad school down at UNC. Ended up going to sleep fairly early. Looong week of work:p Saturday I got my hair straightened...and I mean it! My hair actually stayed straight even with the 100% humidity or whatever it was! I met up with Laura Sat night which was cool. She gave me the graduation present she made me...an afghan! THANKS SO MUCH LAURA:-D It actually will match my bedspread! We ended up going to see American Wedding which was cool. One scene is very gross though...just to be warned!

Today I really shopped till I dropped! Made out very well:) Got a lot of work clothes for fall/winter since I need dressier stuff once the summer is over. Also got some new stuff from the Gap including a jean jacket and rain coat. Spent about 5 hours at the mall...:-o I know I couldn't believe it either!

Tonight I finally hung my diploma up in its frame. Only took about 3 months:p That made it really hit that its over...I'm not going back to school for the first time since I was like 5...(talking elementary not preschool:p). Very odd to think about it that way.

23 one week from tomorrow....
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