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Bridges Runner



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My LiveJournal Sitcom
lispsugrl at the office (CBS, 8:30): lispsugrl (Matt Damon)'s new friend alienates tullgogh (Sarah Bernhardt). The next day, swing4543 (Denzel Washington) cleans iamchubbybunny (John Stamos)'s apartment and ruins the Klondike bar. Soon afterwards, keywood (Raquel Welch) and kenkomachi (Anthony Edwards) raise canarys. In the next town over, mdl178 (Madonna) and lasergirl32 (Corey Feldman) buy a fish market. On the other side of town, angmo (Rick Moranis) cheats on a test, and cantide (Alan Thicke) finds out. TV-MA.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)
  • Sarah Bernhardt? Or do they mean Sondra Bernhardt?

    Either way...


    At least in the one I made, I turned out to be Scott Bakula. I can at least identify with the dude from Quantum Leap as I stuble through life just as confused as he did...only without the whole setting right what once went wrong through time thing...yeah...

    I'm not sure how to end this post so I'll take a small bow. *bows*
  • OMG I get to be Madonna and smell like mahi mahi!
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