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Bridges Runner

A low?

A low?

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I think I've hit that first low in the working world. Probably due to the fact that I would have been back at school now. Its not that I don't like it at my job...its just different. I'm used to working 40 hr weeks for the summer then going back to goofing around with a little schoolwork;) Its a feeling of "am I really supposed to be here"...I dunno. It's an odd feeling and I'm sure I'm not the only one...as I told a friend its a whole new clean slate as well as a time to figure things out. That brought me to thinking about a lot of stuff...which can be a good or bad thing:p It set in that New York is my home...and can I really be happy here? And how do I know if I'm happy? I think I will be its just a huge adjustment. They don't kid when they say "New York minute." Things go a hundred miles per second. It is a good thing though because it will keep me on my toes...keep me motivated. Right now I want to be busy while figuring out where I want to go from here. Busy hasn't been a problem as September is just about here...wow!

I actually had someone email me from Texas saying they've been reading this. So hello out there:) She's interested in finding a job in NYC so if you have a financial position I'm sure she'd be interested:p </ plug>

And to anyone else that is out there reading...feel free to contact me. I enjoy getting feedback:)

Well back to work...
  • (Anonymous)
    haha! awesome. thanks for the plug! :)
  • yeah, i'm there with ya. you know me, school's been my life since...forever. now i'm like, huh what?? i mean, i know i'm supposed to move all that energy to my career now, but it's tricky. it's like in that episode in the simpsons where the teachers go on strike and Lisa starts flipping out and screaming "grade me grade me GRADE ME!". oi.
  • yup

    yeah im reading too... when my computer is actually working
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