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Bridges Runner

2 weeks in a flash

2 weeks in a flash

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I don't really feel like writing about the past two weeks so here's what happened:

  • I turned 23 at 6:43am on August 18

  • Friends came to visit and go to the Yankees game with me that night...along with getting food and drinks after:-D

  • Worked overtime. Made more money

  • Did the Broadway thing last Saturday with friends. Beauty and the Beast. Also went to Katz's Deli which is where Harry Met Sally;) Walked a ton. Times Square at night is like daytime. Tiramisu is yummy

  • Got really sick Sunday. That sucked.

  • Found out you need your life story to get a NY license. That and they have terrible hours...only good if you are jobless!

  • NY humidity is ten times worse than at home....if you ever want to know what suffocation is like, try NY when its 90 and oppressive!

  • Went to PSU for the football game. Nice to see a bunch of people again. Made me realize a lot of stuff!

  • Where did summer go?

  • WE ARE

    dont worry. i miss penn state too :-(

  • (Anonymous)
    happy belated birthday :)
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