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Bridges Runner

Engineers and people skills

Engineers and people skills

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A prime example of having ZERO people skills...

So at work we have to charge time to the projects we are working on...so fine.

Sometime in July I must have typed in a wrong project number and charged an hour (as in ONE HOUR)to a project I'm not working on....innocent mistake. Today the Project Manager calls me and goes "I'm not sure why you charged this number...you're not even on the project." I apologized and said I'll get it taken care of because I was trying to charge a project and must have hit a wrong key (very close together).

*shakes head* engineers...:p
  • Ahem

    First off, SOME engineers have great people skills. Those few who do just oftentimes ignore the choice to use them because many rude little asshats don't deserve the time of day, let alone our effort to communicate with them. :)

    No dear I don't mean you!

    Just note one thing: That engineer wasn't nearly that bad. The project engineers I've run across wouldn't even contact you. They'd just mark you down as wrong, or just mark down your paycheck with no warning. So no worries, you're doing just fine.
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