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Law of averages

It seems if you have a bad day...then a good one comes along. This is due to the law of averages...if things seem sky high, be careful because that means a crash is coming soon. Well you probably read the other entries and it was just blah and terrible sounding...good news..better stuff in this one:p

My weekend was busy but fun. This is actually my first weekend in the city for a while. And it actually was nice out and not 945435474 degrees out. Saturday entailed my first visit to the MET, Central Park, Chinatown, and an apartment party. Subways at night are fun too...I saw a guy that looked like Santa Clause on the 6 train home:p Oh and a pet peeve discovered: People that don't move out of the way when you need to leave a train....then get mad when you ask them to please move out of the way. Anyone see a problem with this?

Sunday my roommate took me out on the great tour of Manhattan via Shopping.....aka the start of my makeover. As most of you out there know, I was going to be on a makeover show but the stupid people cancelled at the last minute (yes I know now since it isn't happening)>_< So my awesome roommate has decided to help me out even though the show thing didn't work out. We started in Lower Manhattan (Century 21...no not the Real Estate place!) and ended up on the Upper East Side. Quite literally shop til I dropped. I did get a few things...much more successful than the first trip. There's still more to be done but at least I can feel like I'm starting to get somewhere with this:p I figure may as well make the housewarming party a revealing party of my own;)

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