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A week of crap

This week was just....in a word...ugh. Work was so freaking busy and icky this week. One of my coworkers took the week off and was in San Francisco on vacation. That left us five people in our department...which may not seem like a big deal but when there's 4 projects to get out the door...it sucks. Oh well...at least when its busy like that the week flies by! Found out I'll be giong for a CCNA at some point...they are switching the test so I'm waiting till the new book comes out to start studying. That should be thrilling:p You can never get enough la escuela. OK this entry is boring.

Lets see. I went to a PSU alumni association mtg for the NYC chapter. It was a lot cooler than I thought it would be. They're actually reorganizing so its a fresh start. I joined the communications group....and will be in charge of the web page. You would have thought I was a saving grace by the amount of hugs I got from people thanking me for putting a page up...!!! I'm glad I had my business cards with me too because a huge assortment of people there. Also got free food:-D

Today I worked like a fool to get a project out. I didn't get out of work till 6ish:-/ Nothing like working late on a Friday...well maybe stubbing your toe into a sharp corner of a table? I came home and was exhausted...however I obviously wasn't that tired...either that or got my second wind...its almost 230am and I am still awake. WHY....

Tomorrow is the apartment warming party....it was supposed to be the revealing party for the makeover show but they suck:p If anyone out there didn't get an invitation and wants to come...give me a ring. I should be sleeping as tomorrow will be busy prepping for the party.

Oh yeah there was the hurricane that DC got hit with....kenkomachi can atest to this! Just so everyone knows she's ok...just a down tree but the house still stands;)

Ok time to try to sleep.

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