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Life is a Seinfeld Episode

Yesterday I was going to Costco to pick up a few things. The person that was to drive me there had to pick up his car which was not right by his apartment. So I'm waiting outside so I'm ready (not a big deal since it was the most gorgeous day of the summer!). Around 1pm he calls to say that he's running late. He's still trying to get to his car because the Dali Lama (sp?) is speaking in Central Park so the traffic flow is screwed up and he has to walk most of the way to Harlem (ahh wouldn't you love to do that?). So fine I go back upstairs for a little while then return down about a half hour later... Well wouldn't you know he also ran into the "African American Day Parade" as well! So this caused more issues getting to the car... Guess it was funnier at the time;)

My mom had a celebrity sighting yesterday while in downtown Philadelphia...
Apparently she was eating at a restaurant and had a HORRIBLE waitor. She seems to t hink the worse one she's ever had!! So as she is walking to the bathroom she is stopped by a woman with a baby. The woman asks her if she has the same waitor...and my mom replies "yes." The woman then asks "isn't he the worst?" So they're chatting and my mom goes "don't I know you from somewhere." The woman replies "Not really. Although you may have seen me in the Practice on ABC." At which point my mom connects the dots..."You're Lindsay! Now I know why I know you...I see you every week!" They chitchatted a bit and apparently Kelly Williams (Lindsay) had a baby in real life that is probably around 2 months old! Although when my mom said "I have a story..." I thought...uh oh now what did dad do? Generally, that is the correct response...

The party went well for those that didn't come and should feel extremely guilty if you didn't have good reason not to come (amy you're excused...no power sucks o_O). Anyway, a good amount of people showed up to drink, eat and be merry. There was much wine to be drank. Note to self: Just because the glass is empty does not mean you need to keep restocking;) Although they didn't eat enough as we still have lots of leftovers...so between my roommate and I it would take another month to eat it the way we eat! It was a lot of fun and I received much kudos for my outfit (especially the pants which are the most comfortable nice looking pants I've ever owned!!!)...which I am sad to report I did not take a photograph of myself Sat night....sorry:( I guess I'll just have to look good more often! That and my fellow readers...getting your a$$ in gear up to mi casa!

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