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Poo is everywhere...and following me!

Well thankfully I wore clothes that I really didn't care too mcuh about today...because it seemed like every kind of poo was out to get me today. First as I was walking to the subway, I stepped off the curb on 1st ave and right into a little pile of dog sh!t...(my one big HUGE peeve about the upper east side: people don't clean it up...one only has to refer to my roommates post about her experience here(look at August 4th post). Anyway I gave the look of ho hum nothing happened but of course my roommate saw (the one time we both leave at the same time!) and just gave the look of "oh that sucks" and "glad i'm not her." Fortunately I didn't step all the way down...just enough that it was on my shoe. And also another good thing is this happened at 1st ave and I had to get all the way over to Lex for the subway. That left enough time to get it off barring any more incidents. The rest of the way I did a lot of ground watching!

So I take the F train out to Roosevelt "Welfare" Island to go out in the "field" to do an inspection. I'm out of the subway station and walking along feeling happy to be outside...then I feel something hit my arm. I look down and know immediately...i've been hit by BIRD SH!T. It got physically on my arm (wearing my F+K work logo shirt) and also on the shirt itself...it was a damn big load of sh!t. Fortunately I had packed another shirt to wear to the Comedy Central Taping that I am attending today after work. The woman I met at the site said it was good luck to be hit by bird sh!t. I don't think that is good luck...it just sucks!

There is good news but I don't want to share it in a crappy post...nor take a chance in things going wrong!

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