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Bridges Runner

So long Vet

So long Vet

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So today Veterans Stadium said goodbye forever. As much as it is a dump, it does have many many memories. Some good....some bad. I knock it a lot for being an awful place to go but it has so many memories...and it is my first memories of Philly sports.

Here's a good article on ESPN:

Some of my memories

  • I remember going with my family to a game in the late 80s/early 90s against the Atlanta Braves. We were heading out because the Phillies were losing badly (gee what a shock!) when a ball came out the tunnel (someone had hit a homerun). My dad tried to get the ball for me but it bounced hard off his wrist and some other guy got it:( I was so mad at him for not having his glove...and to this day my family doesn't let it live down! My dad actually had a giant bruise!

  • Michael Jack Schmidt...he was my favorite player! Also happens to be the best third baseman of all time! Need I say more?

  • Photo night...I remember the first time I was on the Vet turf.

  • I remember the 93 season. One of the most magical seasons ever. From the grand slam saving catch by Milt Thompson to Mickey Mordinis grand slam to Mitch Williams getting the game winning hit at 4:41am....

  • October 23, 1993 11:57PM....I don't think I need to explain anymore.

  • 1980. Not only was I born but there was a world series championship and an NFC championship by the Eagles.

  • My only Eagles game I attended vs the Packers. We won 10-9 because the Packers missed an extra point

There's more but I need to sleep now....oh and fyi a new phone number coming soon. Talk to me if you want it.
  • I saw one of your comments in phillysports & I just thought I'd comment to this post. What no one realizes is that while The Vet was a dump, it was OUR dump.

    Oh & I gotta tell you (since I see you live in New York now & all), my brother-in-law (who's into sports like you wouldn't believe) told me that most people would rather have The Vet over The Linc. I could see why...The Linc's too upscale for the city.

    Oh & who could forget that game that ended close to five in the morning. *sigh* those were the days.
    • Its hard to know what people want. Its not helping that the Eagles are having an awful year. But at the same time its always hard to give up nostalga. That stadium does have a lot of memories. As a matter of fact, that is my childhood...the only stadium in Philly I ever have known till this year.
      • I think it's the only stadium that any of us have known (well, there was JFK Staduim which is where the Wacovia Center sits today, but seriously, who rembers that?). I know it's the only one I really know (and remember).

        And it's basically the childhood of everyone of a certain age who has lived near Philadelphia.
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