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Bridges Runner

Just a bit of a rivalry...

Just a bit of a rivalry...

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This is taken from the NY Post:
"Laura Sarlo of Staten Island and Michael Rodman of Lincoln, Mass., are supposed to tie the knot on Oct. 25 - that is, if their engagement can survive the Yankees-Sox playoffs. He's a diehard Boston fan and she's a Yankee girl forever.

"She doesn't seem to realize the Yankees are evil," Rodman, 30, told the Boston Herald.

"I'll never go over to the other side," Sarlo, 28, shot back.

It gets worse.

"We passed a tattoo place one day and I asked what he'd think if I got the 'NY' on me," Laura said.

"His answer was, 'Divorce.' "

You gotta love it! Good to see the rivalry is in full force!! I've got my Sox visor here on top of my computer monitor to show my allegiance....I'm sure I'll get tons of comments!

Looks like I'm going to be the head of the communications committee for the PSU Alumni NYC chapter. Not so sure if I want that responsibility as I had a THREE HOUR meeting last night. It seems that it will be cool though...we already are planning a lot of events. website is here: http://www.psualum.com/chapter/nyc
No, that is not my design..its one of those simple template things that you can do very little to change. I'm looking to make a whole new page. So any suggestions on design will be happily accepted:)
  • (Anonymous)
    GO YANKEES:) !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • how dare someone say that on my webspace;) GO SOX!
      • You just got to love this person's courage too, posting anonymously. At least Sox fans have the balls to say it loud and proud. :)

        I hate yankee fans, is it too obvious?
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