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Assorted Weekend Update

So I suppose its time for an update...that and no one is here. It did make for a very pleasant "commute" this morning. There was next to no one on the subway and Grand Central was essentially empty. Which led me to wonder: "Is it really Monday?" Well the answer to that one is a definitive yes as my alarm went off and I hit the snooze a few times. I woke up to some wacked out dream....it was wacko enough that it isn't getting posted:p

Annnyway, so this weekend was pretty busy. I suppose I should clear the air by saying yes I did go on a date. I know there are rumors swelling about so I wanted to get rid of the rumors and the big giant pink elephant...ha. It went pretty well but we'll see what happens from here. Just wanted to let you guys know I'm back in the "game" "hunt" or whatever the hell you want to call it. Now don't worry its not that I'm treating it as a game but its just words used there... So wow I wrote this whole paragraph about nothing that much. So details...well that's as detailed as you'll get here.

Saturday was spent waiting for the new bureau to come. Now they gave me a 4 hour window in which it could be delivered. It's kind of like waiting for the cable guy...you should know it will NEVER come early. However a woman on the phone said "you'll probably be one of the first deliveries and should get it early morning." So I was naturally excited since I had plans to run around the city with the F+K crew. So 11am comes..nothing. 11:30...nothing. 12...nothing. So I decide to call to at least get an update on where on the list I am. I get some nasty person that goes "we can't check that..." *click*. Finally 12:30 comes around and I get a call that they are finally here. So yay. They bring it up and the guy is like "where do you want it." I show him in my bedroom where its supposed to go and he just plops it down. I ask him "is it put together and can you take it out of the box." One would think that's part of "delivery fee." They don't. I kid you not...they leave this big box around a bureau that me the little girl is supposed to take out! At this point I don't care casue I want to get out.

Catch a cab after every off duty taxi in new york passes. Meet up with everyone at Mars 2112. That had to be one of the cheesiest places I've ever been to. I got picked on by the aliens...and this included one of them trying to get my turkey wrap to "rap." So corny and cheesy yet funny. I think we were the only New Yorkers in the restaurant:p After lunch we head down to Battery Park to catch the Ferry to Staten Island....aka to see the Statue of Liberty. Pictures can be seen here: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4288886715
Overall a pretty nice day. I hadn't seen the Statue of Liberty since 1995 when I had the exchange student from Japan visiting. So after that everyone went there on ways and I headed to meet a friend to watch the Sox/Yanks game at a local bar. Sox lost:( I can say the only thing worse than a Yankees fan is a DRUNK yankees fan.

Saturday night was spent trying to get the bureau unpacked and filling it. Unpacking that beast was a project. I almost had the thing fall on me a couple times. Thankfully almost is the word used. My roommate ended up making brownies....darn more chocolate:p So yeah that was the night...nothing thrilling.

Sunday I woke up and went to the gym. Did 45 mins easily on the treadmill...could have done more but I did it a lot faster and didn't want to hurt myself. Glad I stopped too because my legs were hurting me later. Ended up finally seeing the movie Chicago. Excellent flick if I may say so myself! Got food at the grocery store and dealt with another pissy worker.

< rant>I dunno but I don't like the fact that service has gone down the tubes. Now I know I was with my roommate and we may not look like we are 23...we've dealt with the "sh!t jobs." She just watched me pack the bags and when I was going fast enough gave an attitude about it. wtf?! I understand you don't want to be there on Sunday but I didn't do anything to warrant an attitude. I'm not asking for a perfect attitude but DO YOUR DAMN JOB! Sorry but it just has really been irking me that it is now thought of you have to tip instead of tipping when the service is right. Now in my case I did not tip those delivery people. They did nothing to warrant a tip. I could have found someone to take me to pick up the bureau and done that myself minus the 30 dollar delivery fee. I don't care if you give me a smile or whatever..just do the job. If you do the job and do it well...I tip well. If you don't do your job, I will not tip. Tips are based on the service performed, not that you did something. In that case I should get some of their tip money for doing their job! Sorry I'm done now. </ rant>

So the rest of the Sunday was spent trying to explore PHP and finding a web space to host php. I need some space to test a php bulletin board so if anyone knows of any out there let me know. Or if you'll let me borrow some space for just testing this...I won't keep it there forever...just to test and show others. Most of the ones that support php are ones you have to pay for. This is for the PSU alumni site but I want to test the code before picking a web host. So that's the dorkiness update:p

Other than that I'm here on Columbus Day and I can hear the saxophones outside getting ready for the parade. It makes me miss marching band:(

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