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Well first sick spell of the year...got that fabulous head cold that comes around when the weather see-saws temperatures. Oh well...good news is I'll live.

So the cubbies lost...but the bosox are on tonight....i am making no predictions. curses know when you make predictions.... I feel really bad for that cubs fan though...he shouldn't take it to heart though...he didn't decide the game and it is just that...a game. Don't worry Chicago...it'll come...

Today is National Boss Day...do they make up these days just for hallmark or something? I want an employee day...not sure what that would do but maybe a free day off?? haha yeah i know...not going to happen.

Ferry Accident. Absolutely awful:( I was just on the ferry ride on Saturday! I can't even fathom the horror of that. Just an awful situation...makes you put a lot of things in perspective.

ok back to dreaming of passing out at home...4 more hours...I can do it...
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