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Bridges Runner

The truth can hurt?

The truth can hurt?

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So I ask this in general:
Why can people never be direct and honest?? There always is a catch in the road.

Now I know you're saying...well we are. No, we are not. I've been guilty of this as has many of you. I'm not really sure which is better...to be oblivious or to know the truth.

Don't worry its nothing going on now...just in a thought provoking mood!

Oh and a very happy birthday goes out to Carrie:-D
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    You know, for years I was purposefully honest with people, making sure I never lied. I always gave them a straight answer and never swayed away from the honest if bold reality. Then I found a huge answer to your question since I asked it a thousand times myself: Most people don't want to ever hear the truth. Many people I know say they want the truth but are too scared, too sick of reality, or too apathetic to care to hear the truth. Many people I know live in their own realiities and see life much better than what they are really going through. So in the long run, they don't care to hear the truth because they don't want to disillusion themselves.

    I stopped telling people the truth unless I was annoyed or felt that the truth absolutely needed to be told for that person's benefit, which runs into another dilemna: who's to judge whats beneficial for another? And by what criteria do that use to judge that decision?

    I know what you mean though, I wish someone would always tell me the truth to keep me grounded so I have a solid basis to make my decisions on instead of the crock of shit and hot air people try feeding me everyday.

    Oh wait, that was just a thought-provoking comment and I fell for it. You want honesty? That really ::bleepity bleep bleep bleep bleepin bleep:: sucks. It was so ::bleepin:: unfair of you, you ::bleep bleep:: :)
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      You know...the answer is harder than you think. I guess it should waver by situation. I just feel that in certain instances the truth is warranted. But on the other side sometimes it is better to be oblivious and not worry about it.

      Also, does anyone really know what the truth is anymore? Very interesting to think about....
  • I would give away my life for the truth
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