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Bridges Runner

Anyone seen fall lately?

Anyone seen fall lately?

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Because I sure have not! It was 40 degrees this morning....COLD.

This weekend was pretty nice. I was extremely busy...running around the city and stuff as listed here:

  • Union Square area Friday night followed by general this and that around before making it back up to the apartment. Note: running around the Manhattan in the rain with a cold is not suggested

  • MOMA on Saturday. It was cool. I'm not so much a modern art fan...perhaps its because I don't get the definition of art these days. I mean is throwing a bucket of paint on a canvas really art? Or an offwhite stripe on a white canvas? Going with another scientific minded person made it better because he totally came from the same mindset as I do:p The Ansel Adams exibit was cool though. I love photography so it was pretty awesome stuff to look at. Great pictures of Yosemite!

  • Walk through Central Park. No leaves changing just yet. Probably next weekend.

  • Dinner with my aunt that was in town for a conference

  • Dessert Bar. Yeah I know...what a wonderful concept!

  • Dim Sum. You know its a sign of a good place when its all Asians in the place! That and you pay a total of 5 bucks a person for it after all is said and done including tip!

  • Watch the Eagles/Giants game with my brother at a sports bar in Midtown. Probably the only time I'll see him before Thanksgiving. Somehow the Eagles won...still pondering this one!

  • Gym. Finally back to it after a hiatus!

  • Tonight I'm taking Carrie out for her birthday:) She's 22...youngin;) Also going to check out the library next door to work. Need some new and exciting reading.
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