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Bridges Runner

Public Transportation

Public Transportation

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While it is great most of the time, naturally when i needed it this morning it SUCKED!!! It took me over an hour to get to 57th Street. I could have walked faster:( or ran for that matter! Ended up sprinting from the station at Central Park to the building (don't take the F train EVER from 63rd...unless you have FOREVER to wait!!). Funny how I heard "Manic Monday" last night and it talks about being late due to transportation but the boss is already there...yep that was today. Got my exercise for the day!

Naturally I miss half of a very important meeting and I feel like a huge idiot. Next time, I'm walking or leaving so early that there is no way this happens.

So today I hate you MTA>_
  • Where do you go to school? As you can tell I just finished the glorious college years!
    • (Anonymous)
      I go to UNLV, I'll be done in May. Vegas sucks, it's the place that God shat out last (perdon the vulgarity).
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