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Walk of Life

So another week in the books...which also means another week of work ahead. Where the hell do the days go? Seems like two seconds ago it was pure jubiliation because it was 5:30 Friday evening. Oh well...whatcha gonna do? Life is pretty good at this point in time...I think I'm starting to find my niche here. At least I hope so. I think this is helped by the fact that every weekend is a new adventure. I mean for example the adventures from Saturday were not the most thrilling in the world but to me it was fun. I suppose it is what you make out of the situation.

Friday night I was pretty beat from a long week but I met some friends for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant around the corner. It was excellent:) After I wished my friend Gregg a good trip because the lucky guy is in the Carribbean this week on a cruise while we're here in this wonderful blech weather. Anyway, Carrie was in Manhattan because she had some kind of seminar for school...so she wanted to meet up. That was about it for the night.

Saturday I went to the gym in the morning because well I hadn't gone in TWO days. I now know I'm getting into shape because I felt disgusting for not going that long. Anyway did my 2.5-3 miles on the treadmill. Got a call from Jeff to see if I wanted to go to Oktoberfest on Staten Island with him, his sister, and friend Harry. I said sure. So I run to teh subway and of course the system is all screwy because its a weekend. Ends up taking me three times as long as it should be because the train ran local from where I am to grand central. grr. So I get there and its about 4 which is when the ferry was leaving we wanted to catch. So I'm sprinting from the station to the ferry hoping to catch the 4....well me and my luck for the week the door shuts and we miss the ferry:( Fortunately, it was only about 10 mins till the next one showed up. We get there and head off to find the wonderful oktoberfest. Well let me say THAT WILL BE THE FIRST AND LAST TIME I GO TO STATEN ISLAND! That was the worst oktoberfest ever. There was one stand that sold beer. ONE. Lets just say we caught the very next ferry out. So instead of taking the subway to chinatown to get a bite to eat we decide it would be faster to walk. That's fine with me...what's a little walking:) We ate a cute little place that looked more like an italian restaurant than chinese:p I got a really good drink..fruity and very alcoholic...! After I got up definitely felt the buzz. We then proceeded to walk to Jeff's apartment which wasn't too far from chinatown. He brews his own beer so I got to try some...it was actually really good. Even had its own bottle and everything. Got a new book to read about Cyberlaw and stuff. Got to get back into this stuff again as soon the CCNA book will be here...dryest of the dry to read. Anyway, after a couple beers and sitting on the couch..everyone was getting tired so we decided it was time for some sugar to rectify the sitatuation. We headed to a little Italian pastry place a few blocks up. It was about midnight and Jeff was going to some rave or something...and the rest of us decided we didn't want to go....headed uptown. Only thing is instead of heading uptown via subway like any normal person we walked..all the way!! Now it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize walking from Battery Park to the Upper East is far. Definitely not around the corner:p It was quite enjoyable though...I got to know them better and got to see more of the city. They were kind enough to actually walk me to my apartment building...very sweet of them. I got home at the first 1:15 I believe it was. I guess it was one of those things you had to be there to enjoy.

Life to me seems to be about what you make of experiences. Now this situation could have sucked but we made more out of it...even made humor out of it. Sure it was at the expense of Staten Island but hey...still funny.

So this week is shaping up to be pretty busy....which is good...
today: psu alum mtg
tomorrow: possibly shopping with roommate???
wed: psu alum mtg
fri: halloween!

Oh yeah Halloween....I need a costume people! work announced it would give out a grand prize of a free day off paid to the best costume on Friday. So I need one...

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