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Bridges Runner

The world around me

The world around me

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I've really been reflecting on a lot the past few days. Not sure if its the full moon or what...but it just seems this feeling comes around every once in a while. That feeling of uncertainty....i'd say insecurity but I really don't consider it that. I feel secure about myself just not really sure on what that is. Yeah I just read that too and it makes no sense. I guess I'd say I feel like I'm in that in between stage. I've lived here in the city for 5 months already and don't get me wrong its been down right amazing. I just feel like I need to "grow" more. Every time I think I am taking a step forward, I sometimes feel like I'm starting over again. I'm still trying to figure out who my friends are and really how to meet the people I want in my life. It's hard. I guess part of my problem is trying to compare myself to other people around me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you can't do that...we each make our own choices.

I guess really what brought this about is from stuff that occurred last night. I'm not going to post this because well if you're my friend you can ask me or I've told you about this.

Who knew life is just like a choose your own adventure?
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