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Back from the Dead

Yes my friends I have survived the hell that is Harrisburg. Let me tell you never going back there would be too soon! Thank goodness I'm back in NYC...I think this was the first time I really kept saying to myself "I can't wait to go home." And home meant New York, not my parents house. I see this as another sign of my growing up. I'm starting to adapt to this new lifestyle...whether or not my parents are is another completely different story. Anyway, that was the major plus of the week.

Harrisburg was well Harrisburg. If you want to be in a town where there are nothing but bar and grills as well as "night happenings" at Wanda's....then go to Harrisburg. Maybe I need entertainment to be entertained but I could NEVER live somewhere like Harrisburg. It was torture. I didn't even have a computer to keep me occupied...*note: must find laptop*. The class itself was really good. I definitely benefited from it and it will help me perform better here at my job. Learned about Distributed Network Architecture and Centralized Network Architecture, Horizontal Cabling, Cross Connects, etc. I also drove for the first time in two or three months. Lets just say I realized I really don't miss driving. I guess after living here in the city I've lost some patience as now I get really angry if I can't get soemwhere fast. It was like things were in slow motion while out there. Oye. And since I had an expense account I tried to get the expensive food and what not...let me tell you that is not easy. My most expensive meal was $30 including tip!!!! Ridiculous. More ridiculous is the fact that the total cost of my hotel room would probably be less than ONE night in NYC! Even with the expenses of living in NYC, so totally worth it. I have NO regrets taking this job and really anything I've done so far to get where I am in just these few short months.

So after the class was over on Friday I drove home so I could drive to PSU with my dad. Yes I know...a lot of back tracking. Nothing like 6 hours in a car...rather have 6 hours in a car then spend one more minute in Harrisburg:p We stayed in a hotel that reminded me of 1955 and smelled like it too. The game itself was nice...thank goodness for teams like Indiana;-) 52-7! Lame button of the week for this football saturday "Braggers can't be Hoosiers"....I can hear the groans from here.

That's about it for now. I'm back at work trying to get back into the swing of things.

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