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Don't be a stranger

Yeah it's been a while since a true update. It's been hectic. Hectic in a good way I think. So yeah I went out "dancing" last Saturday. Went to sleep at 6pm and woke up at 10pm. Headed out around 11. Got to the club at 11:30ish. Didn't leave till 5am! Walked to a friend's apartment and waited till 7am to get the 2 dollar breakfast. At this point the sun is up and my body is pissed. Got home around 830am and tried to go to bed...ended up only sleeping 2 hours:p

Got a flat panel monitor from my boss:) He had an extra one that he sold me...yay! In the process of getting into a cab, a bum apparently exposed himself (my boss told me the next day...I'm glad I'm so oblivious to everything now).

Oh yeah got evaluated at work! That went well...some stuff to improve on but hey its only been 5 months!

No I am not moving out of New York in January for those that were reading my profile.

Thanksgiving. Food was great. Crazy aunt was not. Is it a necessity to have the one bad egg in the family? I ask you...WHY. It's so frustrating because its like nobody is home in her head. Family game of scrabble. My brother is a cheater:p

Black Friday was helluva successful. Here's the noteworthy transactions:

  • Set of sheets=$9.47 (250 count!)

  • Handbag=$8.56 (started at 58 bucks!)

  • 4 pairs of fleece gloves for my dad and brother=$27

Hung out with Tim tonight. Good to see him and good to see he's getting some success on the job hunt. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

Back to the big town tomorrow....gotta hook up the new computer for my dad in his office first though. More IT support for free...guess that's part of being in the family;-)

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