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In typical IST fashion...

I was going to take two days off in January to attend the building dedication. Sounds cool right? Well Amy emailed them about it since no one had gotten an invitation or anything...and this is what she got:

"Amy--Good to hear from you. I trust all is going well with your job,
new location, etc.

Unfortunately, due to the limited seating in the Cybertorium and the
limited overflow area in the Atrium, coupled with the large expected
turnout of faculty and staff of CSE and IST as well as the University
Board of Trustees and deans of other colleges, we have had to limit
attendance at the event.

There will be open houses later this spring and, as I'm sure you know,
we're planning the first IST Alumni Society meeting here on April 22.

I hope you understand and can join us later."

Glad to see my "tuition surcharges" for the building meant something. ::blood boils::
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