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Bridges Runner

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!

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It's been a while my dear friends. But I think you should take this as a good thing...a good thing that I don't need to depend on dear old LJ all the time. I'm making strides in my new life...and while there are bumps along the way I think I'm keeping them to a minimum. So let's see...a lot has occurred.

Maggie came to visit. We hit the town in the blizzard...and when I mean blizzard I mean it. We even went down to Century 21 and got pelted in the face by ice pellets over it:p Was it worth it? Hell yeah. The pictures show that. She ended up coming with me Sunday to meet up with Dan and Dan to watch football at the sports bar (really good wings!!). Good times had by all I think.

Justin came this past weekend. I walked him to death Saturday I think...poor guy isn't used to this whole no
using cars thing. We walked the usual 8.5 miles tour of Manhattan:p I think he enjoyed himself...it was good to see him after so long.

Let's see...this week is very important for my current living situation. My roommate finds out whether or not
her job will force her to move out of the city for the remaining 5 months of the lease. So everyone keep their fingers crossed that she will be close enough to the city that she can commute and I can stay status quo for a few more months. I'd like to not have to worry about another roommate until Spring. That and she is a good roommate and friend from the 6 months I've known her. That leaves me with: Anyone moving to New York next year? If you are, you should contact me because regardless of now I will need a new roommate come June. So what will be, will be...part of New York is her way of moving people along...nothing stays in the same place for too long.
  • ur damn right

    i sure as hell enjoyed myself. u didnt' wear me out. i'm just massivly out of shape. becoming a huge blob of fat ;) but thx yo! i had a blast. talk to u soon
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