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When life deals you lemons....

...make lemonade, right? Well I should have known that since things were high flying and going well something would bring things down. Well what it is....and you probably will not be surprised...my roommate has to move out due to her job. I was trying to prep myself for this because I had a feeling that this was a definite possibility. However, it was kind of that "well i'm preparing but I really don't want this" type deal. I was really hoping to not have to deal with this whole roommate thing again...just six months after doing it the first time. I wanted the time to study for my certification not interviewing potential roommates. Life is really starting to get a little normal for me as things are becoming familar but alas a new twist and saga. This really sucks...an d it is no fault of my roommate's. At this time in life, we all have to do what is best for our careers. I totally mean this too...and I hope she knows this...we need to be our own selfish people...do what is good for ourselves. We both moved in knowing full well that something could come up. New York is one of those places that things move about...not stay stationary. 2004 looks to be starting on an interesting track...

So yeah...anyone need an apartment in NYC? Anyone?? :-D

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