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one step closer to completing a goal....

I've joined the NY Road Runners...which entitles me to the NYC marathon should I complete a certain amount of events by the marathon! You shouldn't doubt me when I have a goal in mind:-D Have Sunday Nov 7 marked on your calendars...Lis and her date with 26.2 miles shall take place then!This is a good way to make something of my addiction to the gym:)

New York Road Runners
Membership Application

Thank you for joining New York Road Runners!
What happens next?
Your membership materials will be mailed to you within two to four weeks. Included will be your NYRR membership card, which will indicate your membership number and expiration date. In the meantime, if you are a new member and want to apply to our events online, please enter five zeroes as your NYRR membership number. If you are renewing your membership, you will retain your membership number and should continue to use it whenever required.

Your NYRR membership entitles you to reduced fees for NYRR races, exercise classes, special events, and parties; discounts on NYRR merchandise and at area stores, gyms, and health care providers; free informational clinics and lectures on fitness-related topics; and much more.

As a member, you will receive mailings containing event information and special announcements; our glossy, full-color magazine, New York Runner; and an annual discount Benefits Directory. If you included your e-mail address with your membership application, you will receive regular e-mail bulletins. (If you did not include your e-mail address and would like to receive these bulletins, please submit your address via the Change of Address form.)

NYRR values your membership and wishes to provide you with the highest level of benefits and services. We welcome your comments on any matter related to NYRR. Please feel free to contact us by clicking on the icon below or by calling 212-423-2292.

Again, thank you, and welcome to New York Road Runners.


NYRR Membership Office

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