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Bridges Runner

I survived!

I survived!

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I finally did it. I went snowboarding. Only took 23 1/2 years but I finally did it:-D Big thanks to Dan and Gregg for helping me out and not laughing too hard at how many times I fell down:p I fell a lot and have bumps and bruises but NO BROKEN BONES!!! woohoo! It's actually a really fun thing to do and I definitely hope to do it again. Dan is apparently a young adult and I am not. I wish I was in this case because I would have gotten five bucks off my lift ticket:-D I spent a lot of time in the snow....I think I brought the mountain of snow home with me!

Roommate hunt update: Two good interviews this weekend. Supposed to get back to me today.

Eagles: You know I had a feeling they'd choke again...and sure enough they did. There is no other word for it but that. Not surprised though because this is the way Philly sports teams do it...they get your hopes up and then crush them hard and fast. It's a shame...McNabb needs guys to throw to...when the announcers do everything in their power but say RECEIVERS YOU SUCK...that's bad. I hope Reid gets the message loud and clear...because if McNabb takes too much more abuse like that, he won't be playing much longer. Keys to the off season: Linebackers!!!!, a TRUE #1 WR, sure up the offensive line though I think the addition of receivers that can run routes will help.

See...this is why you should never cheer for any of my teams. They will lose. It'd be easy to say "convert to another team" but I've been a die hard this long and I will stay that way! Go Philly! You'll get there some day.....someday....
  • i don't particularly care for football but, i understand the feeling of your teams sucking. i'll root for cleveland - and we just have the best record ever with playoffs! go tribe! i even loved the indians in the 80s including eric plunk.
    • Yeah....let this to be the worst thing to happen. I'll always love my Philly teams..just something about the mystique of losing;) That and sitting outside at a game on a summer's day...doesn't that seem far away?
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