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Bridges Runner

My continued anger with Bush

My continued anger with Bush

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As most of you know by now, I disliked Bush the first time around, disliked him more when he was up for Election in 2000, and now it just grows ever more vibrant. My latest beef is with the whole Iraq situation. Now for those of you that have paid attention, you will note that the whole premise for the US going in was Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). That's all we heard and harped about until the US grew tired of waiting on the International community (which was skeptical on the facts of an invasion). So the US invades Iraq. I'm not happy about the way this was gone about...the fact that there was a huge probability of the American public being lied to. So now we're almost a year into the war...we still have suicide attacks and no WMD to be found. Where are these WMDs? Now the main weapons inspector for the US wants an independent council formed to find out how intelligence failed and why it did. Seems reasonable to me...I mean considering so many American lives are at stake overseas. I think the least they are owed is an investigation on what led the US to be so sure Saddam had WMDs. Apparently, Condeleeza Rice disagrees. Another person I can't stand...but then again its pretty much everyone in Mr. Bush's cabinet.

An interview on the Today Show:
"Asked if she thought the American people have a legitimate concern about whether intelligence was manipulated to justify the decision to go to war, Rice replied, “The president’s judgment to go to the war was based on the fact that Saddam Hussein for 12 years had defied U.N. resolutions” regarding his stock of weapons"

Does this mean he has them? NO. It means he wasn't answering...maybe he did but at the same time you misled the public into believing without a doubt there are WMD.

"The administration also went to war, she said, “because this was a dangerous man in the world’s most dangerous region. He had been considered a danger for a long time and it was time to take care of that danger.”

Oh please. You did not use this...it was WMD WMD WMD. Maybe he was a danger, but I question whether destabilizing another country in the Middle East was a smart move. It really has created a second rogue state as is evident right now with the attacks going on.

Pretty much I am sick of his rhetoric. I am sick of the LYING going on by this administration. If a President can be impeached for terrible morals, then what about those that may have LIED about events effecting our own security? I just hope everyone remembers this in November and does not vote for this man. Four years was four too many!
  • WMDs

    Sorry to butt in being a stranger and all. Actually, a one sided stranger. I'm J aka Owari - ex-friend of Amy's.
    I was bored so I looked in on Amy's blog for the first time in a very long while and accidently hit the "friends" link and saw your post.
    It had quite an effect on me because I've been having this really hard time understanding why it is that noone can see the crap going on in this country. I kinda hoped you might help enlighten me on this.

    We impeach Clinton for an extra marital affair, yet praise a man who underhandedly stole and election from Gore ( a man I still view as my true president even though I'm not a democrat), trashed several key international treaty agreements, sold the US to distructive corporate juggernaughts, personnaly protected one of them (ENRON), burned Clinton's freedom of information act, allowed 9/11 to happen to gain unprecidented congressial powers for himself then used them to not only draft the PATRIOT ACT (turning America into a nazi state) but destroying two soveriegn countries for Halliburton. Why don't people know that the true conditions handed to the Taliban was actually for them to allow Halliburton to lay a new pipeline through their territory or face our wrath (and by the way, hand over Ben Laden). They said no (to the pipeline - they agreed to send Ben Laden away), and Bush dropped bombs. He should have sent in troops. Afghanistan had not organized military. Not to mention the Northern Alliance would have aided us had we not bombed them too.
    And it's been the republican agenda to seize Iraq's oil since Nixon.

    Now why do I know this and the rest of America doesn't?
    Why don't Americans feel angry that Bush lied to them about Iraq and these supposed WMDs.
    BTW - Rumsfeld is so positive that Iraq has WMDs because HE gave them to them.
    Under daddy Bush.

    Sorry about the banter. I just hoped you might shed some light on WTF the deal is with this country.

    Have a great one - J:)
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