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Back to the grind

Vacation. Good. Going back to work...eh.

Florida was most excellent. Let me tell you that without it, I think a mental breakdown was on the way. I feel sooo soo much better just from 4 days away from this great city of NYC. That's the thing about this city. It's a love/hate relationship. I love it for all it has to offer and the speed and just fascination of it all. I hate it for the effect it takes on the human soul and the speed that things go..it really runs you ragged. No joke.

Florida allowed me to see pretty much my entire family since they all live down there with the exception of my dad's mom and sister...and my mom's sister in Cape Cod. It let me enjoy greenery and warmth as well:-D I ran outside 3 of the 4 days which was most excellent.

Both flights were delayed coming and going. Bah. Oh well...got there safely and that is good. LGA is definitely the way to go from my apartment. I got there in a jiffy by cab...and for 20 bucks...much less than some guy that wanted to charge me 45 without tip:p

Also, can you imagine the day when your worry will be what to eat at the next meal and when to play cards? Or when to bowl? Hard to imagine in my mind....

Came home last night to MY APARTMENT!! That's right my friends: MINE!! My old roommate's stuff is finally moved out. The relief of having the whole mess behind me is just not to be explained in words. So yay to that:-D

Got a happy hour for PSU Alumni Association tonight...figure i should show my face:p

Oh and Happy Birthday Brian;-)

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