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Bridges Runner

All's well that ends well....

All's well that ends well....

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The past two months have been a giant maze of choices and paths to take. New York has her way of making things a little inconvient and off target....man oh man can she make it difficult;-) However, through the experiences it is only going to make me a stronger person and hopefully allow me to learn from my and others mistakes. We're all human and that makes us do stupid things sometimes. I'm happy to say that everything is reconciled, apologies made, and apologies accepted. Lesson to take from this: Be straight up and honest. It makes things easier. Communicating just makes things 100% better. Time to get out there and enjoy life again:)

Oh and the apartment is really starting to shape up! Take a look:

Bathroom and Living Room

Probably getting a picture this weekend for the wall, a lamp, and that my friends is my home:-D
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