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Bridges Runner



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**jumps up and down**
  • Ipod or Dell DJ

    Hi Elyssa! this is nick... we met 2 days before last valentines day and i am i think getting used to looking at your journal quite often now... ok..so here is my response to to your I-POD. Please don't take it other way around. i like to comment and give neutral advice. To tell you the truth i got my Dell DJ on last tuesday. i did lots of research before i bought this nice gadget. i went to cet .com and and quite other websites before i made my mind for what i got. I am a kingd of person who go for the things which other don't have. so i want to experiment with dell and not APPLE. I am so happy that i made a right decision. I got Dell DJ which has the capacity of 20 Gigs (worth 5000 songs). i called dell and ask for 15 Gig machine and we started talking. then i was told if i buy 15 gig machine with added remote and leather case then it will cost me $240, instead if u buy 20 Gig machine, then i will get leather case and outisde remote free with it. And i am glad i made the right decision. iam so happy with what i got. Ok here's the benifits of Dell over Apple(Please don't think iam trying to belittle ur IPOD)..BUT THIS WHAT MY RESEARCH SHOWED TO ME. The cost of dell dj with 20 giggs memory is $250.(that's what it costs me) and same capacity for ipod costs $399. i don't know what version u got but comparison wise price is the big diffrence. nw let's talk about battery life. Dell dj for 20 g has 16 hours of battery. same thing for ipod has 8 hours. Infact last night i showed my dj to my freind who has seen the class full of kids with ipods and u knnow what he told me- Nick this is far better machine than Ipod. now the disadvantage of DJ- IT HAS LITTLE EXTRA WEIGHT OVER THE IPOD.

    so my freind congratulations with your ipod. but just onething remeber- DON'T ALWAYS BUY THE THINGS BECAUSE HARRY,POTTER,SHIELA,OR NICK IS BUYING THAT....Buy the things for what they are and how they can serve you best ...I am diffrent so i went for dell but to be frank no compariosns with you...i just love the machine i got. feel free to im me on aol at - saxonsguy777 or e-mail me at - nickinny2003@yahoo.com....Nick
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