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Bridges Runner

Friday and I'm in love!

Friday and I'm in love!

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Is it disturbing shen you get a link like this?
'Warning' over three-headed Frog

The Apprentice. Favorite show right now. It's got that allure that survivor had the first go around! Thank goodness Omarosa is gone...her antics were getting old fast...
Excuse after excuse...give me a break! I've had worse things fall on my head and I couldn't stop....heck I had full blown mono during finals week....in which I had 5 or 6 exams. Not to say I want pity...all I'm saying is sometimes you have to work through tough situations/"injuries".

Gates: Buy stamps to send Email
What??? This is a terrible idea and takes away from the freedom of the internet. As with anything, the spammers will just find a new way to get around this and leave us, the consumers, screwed.

As for me:
I signed up for the 10 mile Broad Street run in Philly come early May! I should have known that no matter how hard I fought it, running was in my blood.

That is all for now. Have a nice rest of Friday:)
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