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Mo' Money

So as you can see, I'm uninspired. I dunno what it is. Seems like most people I've talked to are in a "blah" state. Oh well.

Anyway, so I guess I have a story...
I'm walking in a store and randomly this person stops me to ask if I know anything about DVD writers. So I stop and explain the extent of my knowledge on the subject. So I start to ask questions as to why he needs it and what it would be used for, etc. Find out he's an artist from Peru looking to save his pictures on one disk....and eventually wants to develop a web site. Here is where I come in. He asks if I know HTML....hmmm...yes. So now I have another business it seems...developing web sites. I'm meeting him again on Wednesday at a Starbucks (now that only limits it to 300+ in the city).

So kids...looks like I am working two jobs now. Oh the joys of being a young professional...oh the joys.
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